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Happy Birthday to "The Hollow Crown".

This post is an archive entry of an email I sent celebrating the 1st anniversary of BBC Two's airing of "The Hollow Crown". A series that included Shakespeare's Richard II, Henry IV part 1, Henry IV part 2 & Henry V. . . i.e. the Henriad.

Notes: This has been edited down considerably, but I wasn't about to regurgitate all my personal woes or spend paragraphs on exactly how important Ben Whishaw was to me during 2012. There are private sorrows and private joys. I don't even post such things here! Or anywhere, for that matter. Perhaps it's a fear of being mocked? Who knows.

In any case, "The Hollow Crown" series rekindled my love of Shakespeare after years of hibernation. Plus the @HollowCrownFans on Twitter have been a brilliant resource for news and spreading love for the Bard. Every "Shakespeare Sunday" has been a real highlight for me, always a pleasure to participate. Not to mention It's finally giving me the motivation to seek out filmed performances once more. . . ah, if only I could afford to see live theater.

Or pay the bills for that matter.

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Art Commission: "Comfort at the Close"

This was commissioned by toblass as a gift for sempraseverus. Toblass has kindly allowed me to post it here to my LJ without watermark.

"Comfort at the Close" by Cóz

Comfort at the Close by Cóz

Characters: Severus Snape & his patronus.
Summary: The nights are longest before the end, so a doe will give what comfort she can. Moon light and absence, a fabrication of childhood memory. The last he'll have to cling to. . .

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I Introduce My Muse + My Oldest Drawings of Snape

The more I search through the folders I have, the more I realize how many sketches are missing. While I'm still attempting to locate the lost folders, I've also been uncovering a horde of childhood drawings.

I thought I'd first share the two Severus Snape sketches I found. The oldest of which I think I drew around the age of 12.

And because I desperately needed one, I've roped me a muse. . .

An obvious choice for those who know me, but this is actually something of a homage. The very first time I ever clapped eyes on Ben Whishaw was within a Snape/Lily fanvid. The vidder had used footage from "Perfume". The main character's obsession with redheaded girls coming in rather handy. . .

Warning: Image Heavy.

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